Sunday, 22 March 2009

Guitar adventures


It's simple, seemingly the easiest instrument to begin to learn but one of the hardest to truly master. There is no other instrument which can boast so much many magazine publications, discussion, divided opinion on design, wood choices for construction, construction methods, performance, teaching, and appreciation. It's a six string monster that has ended many a potentially fine relationship, started and ended many heated debates, caused as much misery and disillusionment as it has generated and inspired hope, but never been surrendered by anyone who has been captivated by it.

Beyond it's simplicity, it's an immeasurably powerful musical instrument which is capable of far more than any one player has ever discovered. Whatever any player has ever achieved in terms of technical and musical accomplishment, the guitar has always had seemingly inexhaustable potential in reserve to inspire the next generation of explorers.

It's our six stringed common ground that I've set this blog up to discuss, and share my thoughts on. I also set this blog up to be the "official" online blog directly related to the 'Contemporary Guitar Performance Workshop' project, course, and handbook.